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Comparing Our Top 3 Best Selling Electric Chain Hoists

Hoist Zone
Hoist Zone Electric Chain Hoists

There are many different brands of electric chain hoists to choose from. Choosing the right one can be difficult when you don’t know the differences between them.

We’re comparing our top 3 best selling hoists so you can decide which one will help you get work done.

Capacity 1/8 Ton – 3 Ton 1/8 Ton – 2 Ton 1/2 Ton – 2 Ton
Lift Length 10' – 20' 10' – 20' 10' – 20'
Speed Type Single Speed Single Speed Variable Speed
Speed 32 FPM 32 FPM 1 – 26 FPM
Voltage Single or 3 Phase Single or 3 Phase 3 Phase
Metric Rated Yes No Yes
Warranty Yes Yes Yes
Price $2,280.00 $2,329.00 $2,049.00
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Starke Variable Speed

The Starke Variable Speed VS Electric Chain Hoist provides unmatched performance and ease-of-use. Its accessibility and ergonomic controls means anyone can use it. This electric hoist features a variable speed dial on the pendant. 

  • Capacity: 1⁄2 to 2 Ton
  • Voltage: 3 Phase 460V
  • Variable Speed Lift: 1 – 26 FPM
  • Lift: 10′, 15′, 20′

What is variable speed for electric chain hoists?

Variable speed means that this hoist can vary its speed from 1–26 FPM. All you have to do is adjust the easy-to-turn dial to increase or decrease the speed, even while lifting. 

CM Lodestar

The CM Lodestar electric chain hoist operates more quietly than other electric hoists. It also features an environmentally friendly design and has easy access to components. Additionally, it has high duty cycles, less maintenance, and enhanced safety features.

  • 1/8 to 3 Ton
  • Single Phase and 3 Phase
  • 1 Speed
  • 10’–20′ Lift

Coffing JLC

The Coffing JLC electric chain hoist has a more compact design compared to CM and Starke. It also has multiple safety features including a multiple disc motor brake, an overload clutch, and a chain end stop. 

  • 10′, 15′. 20′ Standard Lifts
  • Standard Push Button Drop is 4 feet less than lift
  • CSA Approved

Operate These Hoists Wirelessly

All of these hoists are compatible with INMOTION Controls radio systems.

Hoist Zone offers INMOTION’s complete line up of radio control systems. When a hoist and radio system are bought together, our technicians can program your hoist to be plug-and-play right out of the box.

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