Build your workstation crane, rolling gantry crane, and swiveling jib crane.


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The Crane You Need Is Only Four Steps Away
1. Choose Your Crane
Hoist Zone has three quality kits to choose from:

2. Design Your Crane
After you have selected the crane kit you want, you will get to design the capacity and overall dimensions of your system. This allows you to make your crane fit your workstation and your budget.

3. Order Your Crane
Add your newly designed crane kit to your cart and checkout. Quickly make room in your work area, because your kit will ship in two weeks.

4. Assemble Your Crane
When your crane system arrives, the money saving begins. Don’t spend money hiring another company to install your crane. Each Ultra-Lite Crane kit comes with all of the hardware and assembly directions necessary for you to do it yourself. The only thing you need to figure out is where to install it. If you have any questions or lose any hardware, you can call or email us; and we will give you assistance.