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Starke Variable Speed Electric Chain Hoist


  • Capacity: 12 to 3 Ton
  • Voltage: 3 Phase 460V
  • Variable Speed Lift
    • 12 to 2 Ton: 8 – 26 FPM
    • 3 Ton: 8 – 21 FPM
  • Lift: 10′, 15′, 20′

Select Custom Pendant Length

The standard pendant length is 19′. The pendant cable connects to the bottom of the hoist. You can select a custom pendant length to fit what you need.

Upgrade Voltage

Standard voltage is 3 Phase 460V but you can get it converted to 3 Phase 230V or Single Phase 230V.

Strong, Fast, Efficient: Starke VS Electric Chain Hoist

For Everyone

The Starke Variable Speed VS Electric Chain Hoist provides unmatched performance and ease-of-use. Its accessibility and ergonomic controls means anyone can use it. This electric chain hoist has capacities ranging from 1/2 Ton to 3 Ton. As a result, you’ll be able to get the job done no matter if you are working on an assembly line or in a maintenance garage.

Work Fast

Maximize your productivity and efficiency with variable speed control. This electric chain hoist has variable lifting speeds ranging from 8 – 26 FPM. That means you will have ultimate control and precision while operating. Use the easy to turn dial to adjust the speed even while your hoist is in motion.


The Starke Variable Speed VS Electric Chain Hoist can be easily added to any existing workstation. You’ll be able to add the hook attachment to any manual or motorized trolley. For even better performance, pair it with the Starke Plain Trolley or Starke VS Motorized Trolley.

Go Wireless

All Starke Electric Chain Hoists are compatible with INMOTION Radio Remote Control Systems. If purchased together, your electric chain hoist will be wireless and ready to use right out of the box.


  • Metric Rated Capacity
  • Duty Class: H4
  • Voltage: 460/3/60Hz
  • Japanese FEC Grade #80 Lifting Chain
  • NSK Main Bearings
  • Quick-Connect Pendant Controls
  • Durable Canvas Chain Container
  • Paddle Type Limit Switch for Up/Down Travel

For more information, visit starkeamerica.com.

Starke VS Electric Chain Hoist Motor Horsepower & Amp Information

Capacity Horsepower Amps
1/2 Ton 1 1.9
1 Ton 2 6.5
2 Ton 4 6.3
3 Ton 4 6.3
Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in


1⁄2 Ton, 1 Ton, 2 Ton, 3 Ton

Country of Origin



10', 15', 20'


3 Phase 460V


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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I perform a hook inspection?

In order to ensure your safety, the ASME requires hooks to be periodically inspected once a month. If a professional recommends even more often, then this supersedes the periodic monthly inspection.

What do I do if my hoist doesn’t work?

Hoist Zone offers support Monday — Friday 6:00 AM — 3:00 PM EST. Contact our service team by phone (574) 742-1185 or email us at info@hoistzone.com

What is Variable Speed?

Variable Speed gives you the power to choose the lifting speed of your hoist with just the twist of a knob on your pendant.

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