3 Types of Overhead Cranes for the Handy-Man Garage

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Introduction to Garage Cranes

Working in a garage can come with some challenges.

One of the challenges is that it can be difficult to move heavy objects around, because often you’re working alone.

This becomes a problem for mechanics, welders, or woodworkers when they need to lift something heavy like an engine or table.

The solution to this challenge for many people is a small overhead crane.

Here are the best three options for your garage.

Garage Series Workstation Crane

Garage Series ATV

By far the most versatile of the cranes for someone working in their garage is the Garage Series Workstation Crane by PWI.

This crane is a freestanding system that is designed to fit most garages with a small footprint of 10′ x 12′.

In addition to this type of crane being compact, it can also lift up 1,000 lbs.

You can even choose which color you want when ordering so you can have a crane that has the look you want.


The compactness and affordability of these cranes is a huge advantage over other kinds of cranes.

If you have limited space or don’t have the budget for a large workstation crane, then this is the one for you.


The capacity limit may be a hindrance to some, depending on what needs to be lifted.

Due to the small footprint, it won’t be ideal for those who need to carry loads over a large area.

Best Use Case

A Garage Series Crane is a great option for any garage, but who would find it most useful?

If you’re a hobbyist or someone who enjoys working on projects in their garage, this would be the best solution for you.

It is great for metal or wood workers who need assistance in lifting projects in their garage.

Gantry Crane

PWI Gantry Crane Web

The next best type of crane for someone working in their garage is the gantry crane.

These cranes are self standing and are typically mounted on casters.

This means that you can move them inside and outside of your garage.

In addition to these cranes being very mobile, they can also lift up to 5 tons.

You can even customize the size of crane you need when ordering, to fit whatever size garage you have.


The mobility of these cranes is a huge advantage over other kinds of cranes.

Because they are so mobile you can compare them against other types of mobile lifts like engine hoists.

Gantry cranes really outshine engine hoists due to the increased stability.

The supports on gantry cranes make it much more difficult to tip over than something like an engine hoist.


The gantry crane is an absolutely fantastic crane but it does come with one draw for people working in a garage.

That con is the crane’s footprint.

The space that is needed to store a gantry crane can be an issue for those working in a smaller garage.

Thankfully because you can move it outside of the garage, you can free up some more space.

Best Use Case

A gantry crane is a great option for any garage, but who would find it most useful?

If you find yourself working both inside and outside of your garage this is the best crane option.

The mobility of the gantry crane makes it perfect for garage mechanics who may need to transport heavy vehicle parts, or do work on an immobile vehicle.

But it is also great for metal or wood workers that need to carefully move projects from their garage.

The only possible issue with this crane is the space that it takes up compared to the other cranes on this list.

Jib Crane

PWI Jib Cranes

A jib crane is an interesting kind of crane that is absolutely perfect for small spaces.

It looks like an upside down letter L and is usually best suited for a specific task.


This crane takes up very little floor space as it only needs one floor support.

These cranes are also incredibly reliable and are great for short distance needs, which can go a long way in a small garage space.

Their lifting capacity usually caps out around ½ ton for the smaller jib cranes, which is typically plenty for any garage work.


The con of a jib crane is the amount of space that it can cover.

The crane arm is typically not very large so it won’t be able to cover 100% of your garage.

Best Use Case

While the jib crane might not sound as great for a garage as a Garage Series Crane, it is actually perfect for a particular kind of worker.

Woodworkers would find the jib crane to be incredibly useful.

If mounted between a wood rack and workbench, all of the heavy lifts you’d have to make become a lot easier.

I’m sure most woodworkers know how awful it is trying to move a big sheet of plywood or large 2×12 piece of oak by yourself.

Doing those kinds of lifts without the assistance of some kind of aid is a great way to pull something or knock something over in your garage.

A jib crane makes these lifts very easy and it takes up very little space when not in use.

Wrap Up

Working in a garage can often feel like a hassle in itself, but it can be a lot easier with the assistance of an overhead crane.

The three cranes that we went over in this article are definitely the best cranes for just about any garage.

These cranes can help you optimize your workflow and add a lot of safety to your garage projects.

Hoist Zone specializes in all of these cranes so if you have any questions about what crane would be best for your particular situation or need a custom sized crane, we would be happy to help just give us a call or send us a message.

If you’re ready to order an overhead crane online, buy one on Hoist Zone today.

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