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INMOTION Replacement Transmitter (Classic Handheld Series)

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Replacement Transmitter (Remote) for INMOTION 220, 260, 310, and 532 Series.

Radio Information

Serial Number and Channel for INMOTION 310 Transmitter

This information is needed to make sure the transmitter (remote) works with your receiver. If you cannot read the Serial Number or Channel Number on the transmitter it will also be on the receiving unit.

Replacement transmitter for the INMOTION Classic Radio Remote Control System.

IP65 Rated.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3.75 × 3.75 in


2 Buttons, 4 Buttons, 6 Buttons, 8 Buttons, 12 Buttons

Country of Origin



1 Motion, 2 Motion, 3 Motion, 4 Motion

System Model

220-1-TX — 2 Button, 2 Speed, 220-2-TX — 4 Button 2 Speed, 260-TX — 6 Button, 1 Speed, 310-TX — 8 Button, 2 Speed (Single Hoist), 310-TX — 8 Button, 2 Speed (Dual Hoist), 342-TX — 8 Button, 2 Speed, 532-TX — 6 Button, 2 Speed, 1210-TX — 12 Button, 2 Speed, 1242-TX — 12 Button, 2 Speed


1 Year Warranty


InMotion Classic

  1. Timothy Blesh

    Remotes were delivered in a timely manner and were correct model and frequency.

  2. Overhead Crane & Hoist

    We’re lways pleased with the customer service and the items that we get from HoistZone

  3. Sam Szelest (verified owner)

    Ordering online was very easy and fast. The waiting time for the order was acceptable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace my transmitter?

If you order a new transmitter from us to replace your old one, we will program your new transmitter to work out of the box with your system.

What does "step" mean?

“Step” is the term used to refer to the number of different lifting speeds a hoist has. Sometimes the term “speed” is used instead of “step.” A single step (or single speed) hoist can only lift at the speed that it was originally programmed. A two step (or two speed) hoist can be programmed to lift at a slower speed and faster speed. A variable speed hoist has a lift speed that can be adjusted on the fly by the hoist operator with only the twist of a knob.

What does "motion" mean?

“Motion” is the term used to refer to how many different components a radio can control. A 1 motion radio is used to control a hoist. A 2 motion radio is used to control a hoist and trolley. A 3 motion radio is used to control a hoist, trolley, and a bridge. Radios with 4 or more motions are for more advanced applications where the operator wants control multiple hoists, trolleys, or bridges all at the same time.

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