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ElectroTrack Conductor Bar Kits


A complete electrification package for straight runway or bridge systems.

Crane Electrification Without the Cables

The ElectroTrack Enclosed Conductor Bar Kit provides everything you need to supply electrical power to your crane system. The ElectroTrack is a safe and reliable source of power, allowing you to move heavy loads quickly and efficiently. Perfect for a crane system with multiple bridges, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of complex wiring or having your festoon cable bunch up on the ends of your bridge crane.

Safe, Durable, and Expandable

The ElectroTrack Conductor Bars are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that it can withstand industrial environments from 0ºF – 155ºF and can handle up to 65 amps. The ElectroTrack is engineered to provide a consistent flow of power to your crane system, allowing for smooth operation.

The ElectroTrack is also designed with safety in mind. Safety features include insulated housings and safety covers, which will protect your workers.

The ElectroTrack Kits are also easy to extend. In cases where you have future expansions, you can easily add length to the ElectroTrack by simply interlocking additional conductor rails.

What’s Included?

The ElectroTrack Kit comes with all of the components necessary for easy installation to get your crane up and running quickly.

  • Hangers for support at 79″ centers.
  • Copper Splice Connectors
  • Splice Covers
  • 40 Amp Collector with Tow Arm
  • End Caps
  • Power End Feed

Hoist Zone offers the ElectroTrack Kits in lengths from 26′ – 156′.

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26', 39', 52', 65', 78', 91', 104', 117', 130', 143', 156'


65, 120

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