Monorail Wire Rope Hoist – SMW Series

$7,533.00+ Get Free Shipping 

$7,533.00+ Get Free Shipping 
  • 3 Ton – 20 Ton Capacity
  • Lifting Height: 20’ – 50’
  • H4 Rated


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Starke Monorail Wire Rope Hoist – SMW Series

Experience a revolutionary new way of heavy duty lifting with the Starke Monorail Wire Rope Hoist.

Capacities are available from 3 Ton to 20 Ton. Lifting height options go from 20’ – 50’.

2 Speed Lifting Gear Motor

The lifting motor contains 2 lifting speeds. You can improve efficiency or precision by easily adjusting the speed.

  • 5 Ton Model: 24/4 FPM
  • 10 Ton Model: 21/4 FPM

Rope Alignment System

The rope drum is deeply grooved to ensure optimal rope line arrangement. You will experience better safety and increased durability.

Easy to Read Load Indicator

You have the option of adding an LED Load Indicator. You will be able to know exactly how much weight you are lifting.

Starke Wire Rope Hoist LED Load Indicator

Overload Protection

Each hoist is equipped with Overload Protection. This ensures safety for your workers and will increase the lifespan of your wire rope hoist.

360° Swivel Hook

Load and unload easily with the 360° swivel hook. 


  • 5 Ton or 10 Ton Capacity
  • Lifting Height: 20’ – 50’
  • H4 Rated
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3 Ton, 5 Ton, 10 Ton, 15 Ton, 20 Ton


20', 30', 40', 50'


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