Ultra-Lite Freestanding Bridge Crane


The First Overhead Workstation Crane That Is Completely You

An overhead crane will have a big impact on your workflow. With a big decision like this, you should have complete control over every aspect of your crane — Now you do!

PWI’s Ultra-Lite Freestanding Crane is the first workstation crane that you get to design, order, and install wherever you want. Continue reading below.

Ultra-Lite Freestanding Bridge Crane
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Ultra-Lite Freestanding Bridge Crane Plant Production

Ships 2 Weeks from Manufacturer

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The first crane that you get to design, order, and install wherever you want.


Don’t let other companies tell you what you need. No one knows your application better than you. That’s why we give you the tools you need to design your own Freestanding Workstation Crane. All of the dimensions (length, width, height) can be specified down to the inch, and the Ultra-Lite Freestanding Crane works with any hand chain hoist or lever chain hoist.


No hassle and no need to negotiate. Because of the design control you have, you’ll be able to make the Ultra-Lite Freestanding Crane fit your budget and space. You can design and buy the most economical workstation crane ever made in the USA. We know you have work to do, that’s why we ship in 2 weeks. Your time matters to us.


Nobody knows your workstation better than you. That’s why we let you install your Ultra-Lite wherever you want. Don’t worry about setup. Every workstation crane kit comes with easy to follow installation drawings with instructions — you do not need to be a crane expert to erect the Ultra-Lite Crane.

Need Additional Options?

If you need a second bridge or length beyond the listed max, call the office. We've been building freestanding workstation cranes for many years and have built hundreds of custom crane configurations.

Weight 2000 lbs

1⁄2 Ton, 1 Ton

Country of Origin



13', 16'



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