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CM BatteryStar Electric Chain Hoist



Capacity: 1 metric ton

Lift: 20 ft. standard. Optional lifts to 60 ft

Lift Speed: 8 feet per minute

Swivel Top Hook 

Includes Battery Charger & Milwaukee M18 Battery 

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The CM® BatteryStar™ Battery Powered Chain hoist is built with industry-leading technology from Columbus McKinnon and Milwaukee Tool®. Designed for portability and easy installation, the BatteryStar can have you lifting in minutes – simply attach the hoist to an anchor point, slide in a battery, and you’re ready to go! Powered by an M18™ Red Lithium Battery from Milwaukee Tool®, the BatteryStar is built for heavy-duty lifting and uses the same M18™ battery you may already have on your job site for added convenience.


No Electric Power Required

  • Operates on battery power, specifically a Milwaukee Tool® brand M18™ battery, making it ideal for temporary applications or areas of a facility or job site where electricity is unavailable or difficult to reach.
  • Provides lifting speeds up to 8 FPM, helping increase operator efficiency as much as 4x compared to using a manual hoist. Hoist also helps reduce operator effort and fatigue as compared to using a lever or hand chain hoist.

Versatile Operation

  • Hoist can be used in either typical mounting orientation with the hoist body attached to the anchor point or inverted.
  • Inverted operation eliminates the need to carry the weight of the
    hoist up to the anchor point. Just carry the hook up to the anchor
    point and let the hoist lift itself and the load up.


  • Weighing less than 50 lbs. when 20 feet of chain is included, the BatteryStar is compact and lightweight for easy portability within a facility or to a job site.
  • Optional road/carrying cases available. Contact us for details


1 Ton

Lift Speed

1 Speed — 8 FPM




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