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Hoist Zone Durable
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The powerful range of Abaco Little Giant Lifter is very dependable for lifting and moving slab form loads.

Abaco Little Giant Lifter integrates a locking latch that automatically releases once the slab is fully lowered to the ground.

It comes in many different sizes and available with black high-quality natural rubbers.


The Abaco Lifters are ideal for construction jobs. The clamping mechanism is at the front of the slab which allows panels to be positioned closely against the walls.


The compact design making it easy to lift the packed slab out of containers and racks.


Just a slight movement of the slab, engages and grips the slab without too much effort, thus preventing a hazard to the operator.

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Grip Range

1 13/16 in – 2 15/16 in, 13/16 in – 2 3/8 in


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