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PWI HyperLite Workstation Crane

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The new HyperLite bolt-assembled workstation crane package by PWI is lightweight and moves effortlessly while achieving industry leading hook height.

Customize your workstation crane with lifting capacity between 1/4 and 2 tons, bridge span up to 30′, runway length up to 60′ and height up to 18′.

Our pricing configurator below provides an estimate price based on your selection.

Most of the configuration choices are in 5′ increments but you can choose custom height, length, and width when talking with a salesman. After requesting drawings and a final price we’ll reach out to you to get specific details to provide you with the exact specs you need with exact pricing.

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Need Additional Options?

If you have questions, need custom dimensions or length beyond the listed options, fill out the form as close to what you need and click the Get Drawings & Final Price button. This will provide us with a solid starting point so we have necessary details to get you the answer you need as quickly as possible.

You can also call the office at (574) 742-1185. We’ve been building freestanding workstation cranes for many years and have built hundreds of custom crane configurations.

  1. Lukasz

    We purchased 60×25 overhang 2T crane […] Brandon was a super helpful during the whole process. As you can imagine installing a crane in your facility is quite involved however with Brandon’s help and all the provided plans and information was easy to measure and make sure that everything will fit 🙂. We installed the crane ourselves and that was straightforward. All the issues that we encounter have been resolved in timely manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hoist Zone offer installation services?

We can add an installation cost to your quote.

Does Hoist Zone provide service & inspections for cranes?

Hoist Zone has a dedicated parts team for any replacement part needed throughout the life of the crane. We can also provide the initial pre-use inspection and load testing with the install. Our systems can be serviced and inspected annually by approved third party crane service companies.

Are the workstation cranes metric rated?

No, they are all rated in U.S. Tons

How do I determine concrete thickness?

You can determine how thick your concrete is by use a drill bit to drill a hole in your concrete and measuring the distance.

What do I do if I have issues with installation?

We have a dedicated customer support team ready to answer questions. Contact us at (574) 742-1185 for support.

What are the foundation requirements?

At least 6” of concrete is required.

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