ShopStar Variable Speed VS Electric Chain Hoist

MSRP: $3,465.00 - $4,047.45
You save up to $1,378.45


  • 1/8 to 1/2 Ton
  • Single Phase or 3 Phase
  • Variable Speed Lift
  • Max Speed: 63 FPM
  • 10’–20′ Lift

CM ShopStar Variable Speed VS Maximum Lifting Speed

CapacityReevingMax Lifting Speed
250 LB163 FPM
300 LB163 FPM
500 LB139 FPM
550 LB126 FPM
600 LB231 FPM
1000 LB220 FPM
1100 LB213 FPM

Have you selected 460V or 575V 3-Phase? An additional step-down transformer and bracket must be added.

The CM ShopStar VS variable speed electric chain hoist is built for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications where your need for precise load control is critical. This durable hoist features a high H4-plus duty cycle and a compact design that is ideal for use at workstations and production lines.


The CM ShopStar VS features a thermally protected hoist motor. The hoist motor is protected against corrosion with its cast aluminum alloy hoist frame and epoxy powder-coat finish.

Low Maintenance

The gear train is lifetime lubricated with non-oxidizing grease. The totally enclosed hoist frame protects your motor from environmental contamination.

Compact Design

The hoist’s small, compact design makes the hoist ideal for you to use in tight spaces and gives you easy installation and maintenance.

Overload Protection

You need the best safety. Your hoist, operator, and surrounding structure will be protected from damaging overloads with its standard overload device.

Long Chain Life

The CM Hoist Load Chain gives you a longer chain life with its 10-pocket, oblique-lay lift wheel.

Single and 3 Phase Voltage Options

  • 100 to 240 Volt Single Phase, 50 Hz to 60 Hz
  • 208 to 240 Volt 3 Phase
  • 460 Volt and 575 Volt 3 Phase with Optional Transformer
  • 6 ½ ft. Power Cord with Removable Molded 3-Prong 115-Volt Plug

H4 Plus Duty Cycle

The ShopStar VS will outperform any hoist with an H3 rating with its 300+ motor starts per hour.


  • 5:1 Design Factor
  • NEMA 4 Industrial-Rated Control
  • Standard Rigid-Hook Suspension
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty

Optional Feature

  • Variable Speed

Durable Chain Containers

The metal chain containers are made of impact resistant plastic and mesh.

Swivel Hook Suspension

The swivel hook suspension rotates 360°, giving you easy installation and positioning. Swivel hooks are available with latch and Lathlok® latch. A lug mount suspension is also available.

Recommended Trolleys

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 23 in


1⁄8 Ton, 1⁄8 Ton (300 LB), 1⁄4 Ton, 1⁄4 Ton (550 LB), 1⁄4 Ton (600 LB), 1⁄2 Ton, 1⁄2 Ton (1,100 LB)

Country of Origin



10', 15', 20'


2-Step Infinitely Variable


115-1-60, 230-1-60, 208–230-3-60, 460-3-60, 575-3-60


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